About Cindy 

The how, what and why.

The start - Art has always been in my life. As a child I spent a lot of time with books, art and my imagination - I still do. Art was the only thing I seriously considered as a career and it suits this creative self perfectly! 

Fine art - Where my imagination meets the real world. My energetic paintings include inquisitive birds and flowers as a common element in a menagerie of uncommonly coloured creatures. These characters come to life in gardens, interiors and still lifes where they fuse in an exuberant and vibrantly colourful mix that implies ‘what if’ and ‘anything is possible’. My work began as realism but morphed into the whimsical paintings that I create now. 

Illustration - Bringing life to calendars, packaging, wine bottles, CD covers, books, magazines, billboards and numerous children’s books all over North America.

Inspiration and Influences - The Dutch artists and numerous old masters have long fascinated me - the light, the compositions! The inspired informality and spontaneity of primitivism and folk art while the pattern and design of medieval, Asian and eastern art all remind me of the powerful way that line, colour and shape can convey so much.