I am a Seattle based artist whose paintings are meant to set a mood or evoke emotion. I appreciate the timelessness and tradition of painting as I explore it as a welcome departure from the technology that has become a part of our daily lives. Strong composition holds the viewer's interest and every inch of the piece has movement without sacrificing the overall composition.  The landscape and figurative paintings I create are my interpretation of what I see in the world. I'm constantly hitting the trails, running with my phone/camera in hand.

My approach to technique has changed quite a bit over the years. I'm constantly exploring new ways to present my work. I first started with oil on canvas and moved into oil or acrylic over texture paste. Several years ago, I made the transition over to painting on a thin veneer of flexible cement over board. This can get a bit messy with buckets of cement and a trowel in hand.


My paintings are acrylic and cement on board. The boxes are built to similar dimensions as a gallery wrap canvas, with sides 2" deep. I then apply cement as a thin veneer over the wood, wrapping it around the sides. The cement contains acrylic, which gives it a bit of flexibility. I use traditional acrylic paints for the subject matter.