Helen L. Rietz - "One Loft Full"

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Artist: Helen L. Rietz
Title: One Loft Full
Medium: Watercolor
Dimensions: 28"h x20"w

Late summer, and the hay loft is full. Afternoon sun brings a glow to the rafters. Both walls are stacked with bales, slowly drying in the warmth inside. This is prosperity, security, and safety for the rancher who has filled this circa 1905 barn. The winter ahead may be long and cold, but this summer the land was bountiful and the ranch is ready. In this painting, I wanted to capture the warm glow of the sunlit timbers, the cool tones of the floor, and the colors and textures of maturing hay. It was a technical challenge, documented in one of my newsletters. Want to know how it was done? Click here for a detailed description of the process. All of my works are professionally matted and framed, using the highest quality glass. Please note that the dimension above are for the image only; the framed work is larger. You can contact me for a description and photo of the painting fully framed.