Helen L. Rietz - "The Stable Doors (Left)"

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Artist: Helen L. Rietz
Title: The Stable Doors (Left)
Medium: Watercolor
Dimensions: 21"h x 14"w

The doors on this abandoned stable didn’t look like much when seen from the road. Cast in shadow and surrounded by clutter, they would easily be bypassed by most of the cars who managed to find that remote location. As an artist, though, my role is to find what is interesting, intriguing, or attracting and enhance it. I noticed the strong geometric lines of the doors, their rusted old hardware, and their muted colors, some original and some coming through with the weathering of years. This old door, once hard working and now largely forgotten, seemed worth remembering, and painting. All of my works are professionally matted and framed, using museum glass which is the highest quality available for framing. Please note that the dimension above are for the image only; the framed work is larger. The dimensions of this piece, as framed, will be approximately 24 X 30 inches. You can contact me for a fuller description of the matting and framing.